1 cup of chicken or Tofu
- 1 cup of sweet Basil (Thai Basil)
- 3 table spoon of red curry chilli paste
- 3 cup of pumpkin, bamboo shoots , chick pea( optional ) - 2 cups of coconut milk
-Shred green or red chilli
- One tablespoon of palm sugar
- One tablespoon of fish sauce or soya paste
- 2 - 3 Kaffir Lime leaves, thai basil
1. Stir Fry red curry paste with 1 cup of coconut milk until it boil
Add chicken and stir until is cooked
Add pumpkin,bamboo shoots and fish sauce, palm sugar and sprinkle with Thai Basil leave Kaffir lime leave and Fresh chilli, Thai basil
** Serve with steam jasmine rice **
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